Ana inside of a greenhouse with her arms open

Welcome to subtler!

Hi, I'm Ana Sofia!
I created subtler to help you craft the life you desire. I'll teach you about how your mind works, and how you can use that to develop goals that are achievable, and in line with your values.

I have an MSc In Cognitive Neuroscience and an MA in Psychology, and for the past years I have been travelling around the world working with top executives of some of the biggest Scandinavian companies.
Now I'm here for you, from Sweden with love, to show you what happiness is really about!

Since you stopped by, I’m guessing you’re interested in new ways to develop yourself and create happiness in your life.


  • perhaps you’re feeling overwhelmed by so many self-help sources out there, but not being able to stick to one approach
  • or perhaps you are demotivated because you’ve tried everything by haven’t seen many results
  • perhaps you feel like changing your life is nearly impossible and you wouldn’t even know where to start

And, worst of all, you want to change, but you feel stuck because your family doesn’t support you.

There’s nothing more frustrating than having high ambitions for life, and yet see the days go by with no changes in the right direction. 

Maybe you believe that “change is hard”.

What if I told you that change isn’t hard? You just need to know what to do!

I feel so fortunate to have found Ana. Her formal education in psychology paired with her spiritual practice and beliefs make her unique in the field of personal growth and development. She provides guidance from a place of LOVE that is led by her right-brain intuition and informed by her left-brain training. She is a holistic guide/mentor/coach/therapist … and we need to come up with a new TITLE for what she offers because her exquisite combination of skills does not fit into anything out there!
Thank you, Ana, for being with me at the start of my journey into ME 2.0!

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Digital Entrepreneur / Artist

Why should you trust my word?

Well, I’ve been studying and working with this stuff all my life:

  • 10 years of academic training in psychology and cognitive neuroscience have given me the scientific basis to understand how our mind, brain, and behaviour work
  • Several spiritual trainings and experiences, from intensive silent meditation retreats, to psychedelic rituals, as well as being a mindfulness and yoga teacher
  • In the making of my dream life, I packed up my life and moved to a country I felt like I identified more with, and started my life from scratch in Sweden
  • And from waiting tables at a pub, I have made my way up to coaching senior managers of some of the biggest companies in Scandinavia, and giving workshops on motivation and change, all over the word

Yet, after what some consider success, there came a point in life when I needed to ask myself:

“Is this the time for another change in life?”

And the answer was YES.

I wanted to share what I know in a more sustainable way, and one that would be more accessible to those that might need it most. That’s why I created subtler, thinking that it’s possible to change from a hard life to one that’s happier, and feels… well, subtler.

So what’s my plan for you?

I’ve created a bunch of free resources that are designed to help you get started with some small positive changes. Sign up to get access here.

After that, if you’re ready to dive in deeper, I’m creating a course that will guide you through a mindset transformation, based on positive psychology and cognitive neuroscience, that will help you to move your life from A to B, subtlety.

If you’re interested in knowing when that course is ready, please join the waiting list here.